So much work to do today it’s not even funny. And here I am on tumblr, not doing shit. gah

running an office all by yourself is hard. but hey, experience is cool i guess lol i dont give a fuck honestly

Today is not my day.

Religion is a tough subject to get into for a lot of people and I understand why. However, I understand that my beliefs aren’t FACTS. I wouldn’t say I’m religious, but what I BELIEVE happens in the afterlife I know I cannot PROVE with conventional methods of this world. To put it simply, there is no 100% sure way of knowing what comes next and I am very aware of that. When someone is sharing their spiritual beliefs with you, whatever they may be, please be kind. They’re sharing something very personal with you. There is no need to put someone else down for what they believe because in the end, what you say to them will not matter when it is time for them to die. They will die their own way.


I had a dream last night in which I was desperately looking for peanut butter but I have no idea why I just remember searching everywhere for peanut butter and very intense about it

I had that same type of dream before but I was looking for a half eaten burger from the week before lol. Idk why I wanted to find that old burger so badly